RWG Specializes in creative advertising campaigns that are sure to get the attention of your target audience. A successful campaign is much more than pretty graphic. It is about listening to the needs and desired results of my client. As a consultant, it is also my job to offer new ideas and ways they can grow and expand their vision. Then, creating a concept and design that matches their brand while reaching their target audience.


Honey I Shrank the Car Payment

This campaign was designed to capture auto refinance loans. Most auto loan advertising features a rate and a car. Here we wanted to highlight the benefit of refinancing with SRCFCU. RWG created and executed the concept and it was a huge success. The campaign included: Outdoor, Email, Print, Social Media, Yard Signs, Direct Mail, and Website Advertising


A Life Sentence Can Be A Good Thing

The idea was to promote Credit Card Balance Transfers. Since we were giving them a low rate for the life of the balance, RWG had the idea to focus on the “for life” aspect of the offer. The result was a fun attractive promotion that brought millions of dollars to the client. Concept, Photography, Print/Web Design and Advertising was handled completely by RWG.


Twas the Night Before Christmas Not a Penny Was Found…

The holidays are a great time for SANTA Rosa County Federal Credit Union to help their members. The challenge was to create an ad that was engaging, festive, nostalgic and relayed all the many ways the Credit Union could help their members financially.

RWG used the word “Santa” in their name to create a Christmas time story that was loved by children and adults of all ages!