LOGO DESIGN: C-Town (runners group)


Running is an important part of my life.  I have never heard and elderly person say…”I wish I had not taken such good care of my body.”    No, they pretty say the opposite.  So, when I am trying to cram a jog in my busy schedule, I just think to myself….”In five or ten years will it matter if you mowed the yard?”  “nope,” I respond.  But it will matter in ten years if my heart is pumping right or if I confined myself to the couch because I didn’t discipline myself.  Matter-of-fact, everything in your life could come and go, but you are pretty much stuck with your body the rest of your life–and everything in your life depends on how you take care of that.  Just a thought.

C-TOWN Runners
This is a group of people (mostly ladies) who think just like that.  But, while I am more into simply making it just part of my life-style, these girls are  into making it an EXTREME SPORT.  Yes, they are training for a half marathon (13 miles) in Nashville, TN.  I have all the respect for them!  Go girls!  I’ll cheer you on as soon as I get back from my 30 minute jog.

In prep for this marathon, I designed a logo for their group.  “C-Town” comes from where they live, Cantonment.  And here are the two designs we settled on:

Using lines, I created a “C” that gives the feeling of forward motion.  The uneven lines on the back of the “C” create the effect of speed lines.

A little more intense design work.  I created a shoe print and carved out the letters of the name.

We couldn’t decide on just one, so we opted to use the LINES LOGO on the front pocket of the shirt and the SHOE LOGO on the back of the shirt.

Good luck Girls!  To practice for your marathon, I am going to make you jog from C-town to M-town to pick up your shirts.  lol.